Jason and Megan Harshbarger

Enabling Every Student and Professor to Experience the Gospel of Jesus and Become a Disciple Maker


Why the College and University Campus?

It is a wonderful melting pot of students who have grown up following Jesus, students who know virtually nothing about Jesus, and then students from around the globe all spending multiple years on one common campus. During these years, they experience a newfound openness as they explore who they are, what they value, and what they will spend the rest of their lives doing as young adults.

We believe that there is no better time to build relationships with these students (and professors!), share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and form them into disciple makers who will spend the rest of their life on this planet making other disciples. We are especially passionate about our Normal campuses because we have nearly 30,000 students searching for meaning and purpose in life...just waiting to find that direction in Jesus.

Would you partner with us to raise up a disciple-making team to engage these campuses? May we boldly seek to advance the Kingdom of God together!
"God used both Jason and Megan to show me the true nature of the Gospel and how to live life on mission. It was through their discipleship and genuine love I received a greater understanding of what it means to have an intimate relationship with Jesus, a true love for people, and how to walk in my identity as God's son. I owe them both everything and couldn't be more thankful."
Will Manning
"After giving my life to Jesus in college, I desperately needed guidance and desired to find a group on campus with like-minded Christians to journey with. Thank God I met Jason and Megan and was introduced to Chi Alpha. Being discipled under them built the foundations of who I am today. I've watched students from around the world wrestle with their faith, give their life to Him, and some who became missionaries. I can't express how thankful I am for them and Chi Alpha."
Sierra Kuriyama
Changing the trajectory of a students life forever. Let's do this together!

How To Support Financially

Your financial partnership helps students from all nations discover and grow in their Christ identity at Illinois State University, Illinois Wesleyan, and Heartland Community College. Where they will then launch forth into the culture and church.

Your gift is tax deductible. It will be handled with complete integrity through AG United States Missions.
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Ministry Partners
Lots of great churches, ministries, and individuals are helping us reach students at Illinois State, Illinois Wesleyan, and Heartland Community College in Normal, IL.

Help Reach the Next Generation of Leaders

You can impact the lives of tomorrow's leaders with the gospel. Your support helps future influencers and leaders experience the freedom of Christ's love today.
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