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How You Can Make a Difference in the Lives of Students at Illinois State University, Illinois Wesleyan, and Heartland Community
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The best way to connect with students is over food or coffee. Here are some suggestions.

Starbucks, Chic Fil A, Chipotle, Buffalo Wild Wings, Jason's Deli, Panda Express, Applebee's, and Dunkin Donuts
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All financial support goes through AG United States Missions for maximum accountability and confidentiality.

Support FAQs

What methods of giving do you accept?
Credit/Debit Card: give online HERE or call 877.840.4800.

Make check payable to Jason Harshbarger (2687374). Be sure to include the given account number. In the memo line write Chi Alpha.

Send check to AGUSM (Stephanie Frieze), 1445 N. Booneville Ave., Springfield MO, 65802.
If giving a reoccurring (monthly) gift by check please fill out the online faith promise form HERE. If giving a single gift skip this step.

Include us in your will/retirement:
If you would like to leave a bequest to me and the ministry, you can do so through the Assemblies of God Foundation, a pass‐through foundation which allows you to designate your gift to the ministry of your choice while providing top‐notch administrative support. Learn more from Assemblies of God Financial Services. You may contact them at 866.621.1787 or plannedgiving@agfinancial.org if you have any questions.

Gift Card:
Connecting with students over a meal or coffee is a huge part of our ministry.
Suggested places: Starbucks, Chic Fil A, Chipotle, Buffalo Wild Wings, Jason's Deli, Panda Express, and Applebee's.

Send to: Jason Harshbarger, 410 E. Vernon Ave., Normal IL, 61761
Can I get a quick overview about giving?
There are principles in the bible that show ministers of the gospel should be paid by the gospel (learn more by reading next question, Is raising support biblical?). Two categories of people that fall under that are pastors who are paid by the people they serve and missionaries who are supported by others that aren't directly receiving service from them.

Chi Alpha workers are missionaries. We get to rally together a team of people who provide prayer support and financial support to further the proclomation of the Gospel on campus.
Who processes my support?
All financial supports goes through AG United States Missions.
Is my support tax-deductible?
Yes, you will receive a receipt.
Is raising support biblical?
Yes! Paul says, the Lord has commanded that those who proclaim the gospel should get their living by the gospel (1 Cor 9.14). There are several examples of this being practiced in Scripture. Here are some examples:

Jesus' ministry was funded by some of those who heard Him (Luke 8.1–3) and He taught the disciples to rely on others while ministering (Matthew 10.5–15).

Paul asked the Roman church to financially support Phoebe, one of the ministers at Cenchrae (Romans 16.1–2).

Paul himself received support and was grateful for it (Philippians 4.10–20).

What about Paul's tent making days?

Paul did not always support himself by making tents.That was the second‐best option for him. See Acts 18.1–5, where Paul began by making tents and quit as soon as he was in a spot financially able to do so. See 1 Corinthians 9.1–18, where Paul's whole point is that the Corinthians owed him support. He concludes the letter by telling them that he hopes to stop by and that he hopes they will provide for him to finish his journey in 1 Cor 16.5–6. In Romans 15.20–24, Paul asks a church he has never visited before to fund him on his journey to Spain.

Paul teaches in Galatians 6.6 that Christians are obligated to provide for the needs of ministers.

The apostle John encouraged his friend to support a crew of missionaries in 3 John 5–8.

The whole Levitical system in the Old Testament (the Levites were ministers) is predicated on the financial support of ministers by the rest of God's people (Numbers 18.21–24 is a representative example). See Nehemiah 13.4–11 for how outraged Nehemiah was that the Levites had to go earn wages in another fashion.
Why doesn't the church or denomination pay you?
The church is people! So, by raising support the church is paying us...but really?

It's a scalable system for the denomination. Each new missionary is required to raise the funds necessary for their own ministry. We can always produce more missionaries, no matter how many we have because there's no fixed allotment that all the missionaries have to compete for.

Raising support requires that missionaries build a network of relationships which gives access to more resources and more people with different perspectives, skills, and giftings. This allows the Gospel message to go further then it ever could by just the missionary going alone.

Many missionaries have become missionaries through being in contact with another missionary. Support‐raising forces missionaries to develop relationships that ultimately result in the production of new missionaries.
Needing to change or update giving?
Call contributor services at 877.840.4800. Let them know you support Jason Harshbarger, Chi Alpha Missionary and then provide what you're calling for.
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